Cocoon playhouse for your kitten

Cocoon playhouse for your kitten

If you're a loving cat person (such as myself) it means you spoil the little furry brat of yours with everything that comes on the market of pet toys and accessories although you know that the cute little monster will still sleep in your bed, play with a plain piece of string and scratch your entire furniture.

Nevertheless I fell in love with this Cat Cocoon designed by Warren Lieu that not only makes a modern playhouse for your pet but also an interesting piece of sculpture for the living room. The thick, durable, layered cardboard shell, great for claws sharpening, features playful holes irresistible for sticking little paws through. The multi-functional pet furniture it is at the same time a cat lounger, a scratching post, a playhouse and a fun hiding place.

Cocoon playhouse for your kittenCocoon playhouse for your kitten

Although at $330.00 you will have to make some little sacrifices (you will get those boots some other time) if your cat is still a playful curious kitten than it's worth the price.

Available at Plushpod.