Modern contemporary bedroom furniture

Modern contemporary bedroom furniture

Nowadays, people seem to be more aware of the furniture they buy, wanting to know its origin of fabrication, materials used and so on.  All environments are trying to be more eco friendly, by adopting futuristic pieces of furniture made out of plexi glass, fiber glass, plastic, metal and more.

Less wood and more combinations of other materials lead those incredible big sales in a furniture store or online with reputable companies like Homeclick. The trend has already been set. Take for example this incredible bedroom, which beautifully combines the raw material with modern ones.

Modern bedrooms

Mahogany keeps the classic style in shape while the fiber glass parts give the entire environment that futuristic and modern look. The coloristic concept of the entire bedroom is darker, just because it is worth accentuating those Japanese like windows which work as light filters.

This is the perfect bachelor environment with a platform bed near the window and incredible daring coloristic features. The furnishing may be little, but it's eco friendly through it's combination of unconventional materials.