Dreamy doll house

Dreamy doll house

When I was little I dreamt about having my own doll house, where all my pretty ladies would drink tea and discuss about their upcoming scenarios (that's because they were all actresses). Still, my parents’ cabinets and bookcases where the best options for my little dolls. Nowadays it's good to be kid because I found the dream dollhouses, developed by Brinca Dada.

Brinca Dada, Bennett HouseBrinca Dada, Bennett House

Brinca Dada is a New York-based team (Douglas Rollins - CEO and Tim Boyle - main designer) who believes that toys should be beautiful and fun rather than noisy or flashy. That is why they design toys that "parents love to look at and children love to play with".

Following this philosophy there's no wonder they develop modern, fabulous toys (dollhouses, furniture and dolls for now). With a minimalist and stylish architecture, inspired by famous houses, and functional details (real glass and steel structure, hardwood floors, LED lights, sliding doors and even solar panels) Brinca Dada opens a new era in the dollhouse industry. And wait, there's more. These dream miniature dwellings are available in two versions: Emerson House, and the most recent Bennett House.

Brinca Dada, Emerson HouseBrinca Dada, Emerson House

They all have TV sets, sofas, bathtubs, bookcases, working cabinets and so many more; and if you're wondering who the lucky owners are, I present to you the Modern Family members, with flexible, fully articulated wood bodies that allow them to posture realistically. The Emerson House ($300) will be available this month, while the Bennett House (starting at $500) is set to launch for the 2010 holiday season, and so are the furniture set ($200) and the sleek inhabitants from Modern Family ($30).

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