Rollis Toy Cars - cool design with their drivers packed right in

Rollis Toy Cars - cool design with their drivers packed right in

Based in Korea, the Rollis project is building a stylish world animated by retro European cars. The cars are available in a selection of colours and are limited to 20 per colour.

See some toy samples:

Vivien, combined with the Nouva 500, is an icon depicting the chic and sensual Rollis.
She is a former F1 racer, and has superb driving skills. Fiat Nouva 500, the motif of Vivien, was Italy's leading microcar developed in 1957. The Nouva 500 Series was yielded from the hands of Italian car designer Dante Giacosa.

Vivien toy car

Spinner, combined with the Tg500, is a happy, playful, youthful concept. The Kabinenroller Series, the motif of Spinner, was a sports car made by German aircraft manufacturer Messerschmitt in 1953.

Spinner toy sports car

Berline.Q, combined with the Inter 175A, is a concept of a chic urban man. Even though he has no facial expressions and is not very chatty, he is a warm-hearted character. Inter 175A, the motif of Berline.Q, was France's leading microcar, and was manufactured from 1953 to 1956.

Berline Q toy car

Madam.K, combined with Isetta, shows the concept of fat Mrs. Kim’s embarrassment whenever she takes hold of the steering wheel. Isetta, the motif of Madam.K, was developed in the early 1950s. 

Madam.K toy car

Rollis is a special scale car that merges classic cars with characters from the past. The body is an eco-friendly resin structure. It is a hand-made method.

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