The ATMOBLUE mask offers 99.9% purified and fresh air

The ATMOBLUE mask offers 99.9% purified and fresh air

Today, N95 masks are very expensive and cost up to 100 times what they were originally worth simply because of the smashing demand. With virus outbreaks, natural calamities, and bad air quality in most cities, masks will almost surely become more conventional, so it’s best if we accommodate with the fact that the N95 mask is far from perfect.

 Air quality isn't a problem you can fix fast and easy, and while authorities still fumble with this popular problem, the only immediate solution to breathe bad air is to wear a mask

Leandro Rolon, CEO of his own 3D printing company, needed a mask to be comfortable, and efficiently distribute purified air so that you could breathe easily. The solution needed scaling down an air purifier to something that was small enough to apply on your face.


Leandro and his team developed ATMOBLUE = a mask that actively purifies the air of 99.9% of particles, as opposed to the N95 masks which barely filtered 95% of the air.

ATMOBLUE was first designed as a mask to shield people from toxic air particles such as PM2.5 (a mixture of small, solid particles and fluid droplets in the air), for somebody with respiratory problems, and for athletes who frequently need higher volumes of oxygen delivered to their lungs while training.

ATMOBLUE’s delivers clean and fresh air, while the interchangeable filters save your money in the long run and produce lesser waste. Every HEPA filter can be used for as long as 150 hours (two months) before requiring to be replaced.

ATMOBLUE is comfortable, safe, practical, can be used many times and just looks much cooler than those clinical face-masks. You can find it here.