All You Need To Know About Adjustable Deck Supports

All You Need To Know About Adjustable Deck Supports

To achieve a more level deck, adjustable supports are essential. These supports allow you to change the height and width of the deck based on the ground's movement. This feature helps facilitate leveling during construction. The adjustable support is also a handy accessory when using deck block. These supports are made of a durable steel frame with a black baked powder coating finish for added style. They are rust-resistant, too.

Benefits of Adjustable Deck Supports

Adjustable deck supports are a great way to handle uneven surfaces. They adjust to accommodate slopes and heights, making them a cost-effective solution for various hardscape needs. They are also the quickest way to build a deck or patio. Many types are available, including adjustable pedestals and NM and SE models. adjustable deck supports make the installation process more accessible and reduce labor costs by enabling easier removal and access to the underlying layers of the deck. Homeowners and experienced contractors can even use these supports.

Installation Time

Installing adjustable deck supports is a comparatively simple process compared to other options. This product consists of three main parts: a 4x4 base plate, a steel shaft, and a u-bracket. The system is designed to be placed on a 4x4 post.

The adjustable supports can be installed on deck blocks. They can be installed with or without concrete. The top plates of the adjustable supports should be secured to the framing of the shed with structural screws or 16d galvanized nails. Another option is to use carriage bolts to anchor the bracket to the top plate. However, there may be more suitable for extra-wide stock.

Self-leveling Head

The Self-leveling head is an integral part of adjustable deck supports. It features a large 200mm (8") base plate for stable support on most surfaces. It is also equipped with scribe marks to help with installation. The base plate can be modified to accommodate a wide variety of joists and adjust to the most common heights. A screw-jack base is available to provide additional security and stability.

Self-leveling head-on adjustable deck supports are handy for sloping surfaces. Their curved base can accommodate slopes up to 5%. The head is protected by a white protective component that sits on top. This prevents tiles from moving and helps eliminate creaking. These supports are compatible with wood-tile installation pins to stay on your deck or patio.

Spacer Tabs

There are two common types of spacer tabs on adjustable deck supports. One type is for decks and other structures with curved surfaces, while the other is for flat, uncurved surfaces. Both types are adjustable, and the spacer tabs on adjustable deck supports can be angled to adjust the height of the deck.

It is essential to check spacer tabs periodically to prevent excessive deck movement. This is because the substrate can settle, and if you need to replace the spacer tabs regularly, your deck could move unevenly.

Ground Spikes

Ground spikes are an effective way to provide a firm foundation for your adjustable deck supports. They are often more cost-effective than a concrete foundation and can be used on various small to medium-sized structures. The ground spikes are typically made with a flat head that allows for versatility and ease of installation. They can be used to secure a variety of pedestals, including adjustable height pedestals for steps and slope-correcting pedestals for sloping ground.

The most important thing to consider when installing ground spikes is the weight the supports will bear. For commercial decks, you will want to construct them to support at least four kilograms per square meter. If you need to support a heavier weight, consider buying ground spikes with a 400kg/sqm capacity. Despite the weight rating, this is an estimate, and you should consult with an engineer before ordering.