How To Build a Garage

How To Build a Garage

Having a garage protects your vehicle and other outdoor items from the elements. Constructing one next to your house gives you a place to secure these while also providing you a safe place to work on projects outside your home. Here are a few steps to build one of these.

Make a Plan

Decide where you want to put your garage and what size you wish it to be. You will need to know where your property line is before you set final plans. If there is a pad there that you intend to build on, contact someone to perform concrete imaging and scanning orlando fl so that you know that it is safe to continue. Schedule time to go to your community building department so that you can apply for permits to start construction. You must have these on hand to proceed with your project. 

Purchase Materials

Make a trip to the lumberyard to get the wood, hardware, and other materials that will make up your garage. Purchase concrete or hire a professional to lay it for you if you still need a pad to construct on. This will have to cure and dry before you can continue. If you plan to have the structure made for you, your contractor will handle getting the supplies for you.

Determine Where the Walls Will Go

On your pad, map out where your wall will be according to the plan that you have. You can get this blueprint from the kit that you purchase or from a professional who designs it for you. Once you know where the frame will go, cut the lumber that was delivered to the size that you and construct the frame. Keep in mind to leave space for the windows and doors if you want them and know where they will be located.