Keeping Unwanted Elements Away from Your Yard

Keeping Unwanted Elements Away from Your Yard

A decorative pond or lake can add value and beauty to your property. As much as you might enjoy looking at the water on clear spring and summer days, you may not appreciate the elements that the pond or lake can attract to it.

Rather than deal with unwanted insects, you could hire professionals for horsefly, wasp, and mosquito pond treatment for your decorative body of water.

Determining the Threat at Hand

Before you approve any kind of treatment for your lake or pond, you want to know for sure what kinds of hazards pose a threat to it. Are the insects seasonal and possibly will go away after a few weeks or months? Are they permanent and have nests built in the grasses, weeds, and algae in and around the water?

The contractor you can hire can inspect the water and determine what kinds of harmful insects pose a risk to its beauty and safety. After he or she finds out what types of flying insects are swarming the surface, he or she can then recommend the best way to get rid of them.

Mosquitoes, for example, often need some type of deterrent in the water in order for them to choose another body of water to contaminate with their presence. The contractor you can hire may be able to use insect repellent tablets that can be thrown directly into the water. The tablets then create a film on the surface of the lake or pond that is toxic to these insects. However, they pose no harm to the wildlife in and around the water.

Alternatively, he or she may suggest planting flowers and shrubs that are known to keep away insects. Some types of vegetation smell bad that insects stay away from them. Other flowers like venus flytraps eat insects that land on them. You can find out more about your options when you consult with a contractor who is experienced in insect control for these types of decorative bodies of water. You can contact the company today by using the free email form found on its website.