The Importance of Impact Doors

The Importance of Impact Doors

Impact-resistant doors are constructed with two layers of impact-resistant glass separated by an inner layer of plastic. Should the impact-resistant glass shatter, the inner plastic will remain in place and protect the home. This makes impact-resistant glass doors extraordinarily durable and can save a home from hurricanes and other hazards.

Low-cost installation

Impact doors are a great way to protect your home. They are highly resilient and keep you safe in all types of weather. They also reduce noise from outside and increase curb appeal. In addition, they can cost as little as $75 to $500 each. However, the cost can rise depending on how many doors you need.

The cost of impact doors West Palm Beach varies based on your needs and preferences. Therefore, you must schedule an in-home evaluation to get the most accurate price quote. Most companies must perform the necessary research to provide a precise quote over the phone.

Protection from hurricanes

Impact doors can improve the safety of your home and keep the elements outside. They also prevent unwanted heat exchange, noise, and potential intruders from getting inside. They also help conserve energy by reducing the amount of cooling your home needs. They also have an energy-efficient design that helps keep your home cool when a hurricane hits.

Impact-resistant doors are made of thick, impact-resistant materials to withstand hurricanes' high pressure. Impact-resistant doors and windows are also resistant to flying objects. During a storm, flying objects can damage windows, so impact-resistant doors and windows are essential to ensure your home is safe.

Energy savings

Adding impact doors to your home will improve your home's appearance and energy efficiency and increase your home's security. A front door is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your home. While the garage door is also a frequent entry point, impact doors can help you save money on energy costs.

Energy efficiency is a common goal for American homeowners as we strive to reduce our carbon footprint. But unfortunately, doors and windows are one of the most common sources of energy loss in a home. Poor seals and broken air leaks cause air conditioners and heaters to work overtime. Adding energy-efficient windows and doors will not only improve security but will also help protect you from storms and harsh weather.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Changing your lifestyle and making minor changes to your home's design can reduce your carbon footprint. You can also conduct an energy audit to determine the overall energy efficiency of your home. You can also invest in more energy-efficient windows and doors to save money and energy. Choosing a green energy provider can also make a difference in the environment.

Buying locally can also help reduce your carbon footprint. The Nature Conservancy estimates that by 2050, the average global carbon footprint should be reduced to a mere two tons.

Reducing noise transfer

Impact doors can help reduce noise transfer between rooms. They can block sound by filling the space between the door and the wall with dense mass. You can place this type of material around the edges of the door or insert it inside the core. These materials are relatively inexpensive and can help reduce noise transmission. Other ways to reduce noise transfer include installing door sweeps made from dense rubber or metal. These products can help reduce noise transfer and allow the door to be opened and closed quickly.

Noise can also be reduced by installing mass-loaded vinyl within the door's core. This material can reduce noise by approximately 50%. This material can be found on Amazon and glued into the door's core. This type of material is effective only if it is dense enough. The density of the foam will help it create a significant barrier and reduce noise transfer significantly.