A Guide To Proper Pool Maintenance

A Guide To Proper Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance can be one of the most daunting tasks for a homeowner. It is a labor-intensive job, and making a mistake early on can cost time and money later. Here is a guide to ensure that your pool is up and running from the first heatwave until the leaves start changing colors again in the fall.

Prepare the Pool

Falling leaves may be beautiful to look at in the autumn, but they are not so lovely when trying to remove them from your winter cover. Before you try to take the cover off, use a skimmer net with a long pole to grab as many leaves as you can. Doing so will cut down on leaves falling into the water, where they can be trickier to remove later. From there, add new water to the pool and then bring a sample to a licensed professional for testing. You will be given the appropriate chemicals to balance the water and ensure that it is safe for swimming. As with all chemicals, be sure to follow the instructions very carefully as you begin to treat the water. Proper upkeep can help prevent pool renovations St Charles County MO you weren't planning for.

Swim, Clean, Repeat

Now that the pool is ready to use, the real work begins. The water should be tested weekly for safety, regardless of how frequently you are using the pool. Use a skimmer each day to remove various debris such as bugs and leaves. Vacuuming the pool floor can also help to avoid a buildup of dirt.

Get Ready for Winter Again

When the weather gets colder, that means it is time to cover the pool once more. Brush and vacuum the pool again and then check your cover to make sure there are no rips or holes. Ensure the cover is tightly fastened around the entirety of the pool, and don’t forget that all equipment must be turned off and stored safely for the colder months. Remember, the more thorough you are in the fall, the fewer hassles you will face when opening the pool again in the spring.