How not to worry about a crisis home repair

How not to worry about a crisis home repair

I stood there in front of the bedroom’s leaking heating pipes and asked myself well how much home damage can one inch of flooding do? Then the next thing I knew I was carrying out leaking hot water in kitchen bowls and calling desperately for plumbing technicians, licensed or not.

That wasn’t the last time I was in a desperate house emergency, as I moved in a tiny studio apartment with an old lighting system that kept breaking down. When the electrician (this time a licensed one) told me the cost of upgrading my rented home’s electrical system I realized I should have checked twice before moving in.

So if you’re like me, not a born-handyman (woman), and feel powerless every time in front of a home disaster it means you’re very likely depended on savvy technicians that can get in time to save the day.

There are a lot of serious situations that needs a qualified repair work including the above mentioned leaking water from the heating system, lack of power supply, kitchen or bathroom plumbing leaks, gas leaks, roof leaks, all sorts of leaks and, umm, blocked toilets (I’ve been there too).

Many home insurance policies don’t cover emergency repairs or they impose appointment between working hours for an unexpected home crisis. If you think your family or an elderly acquaintance of yours should be spared from worrying about this hurdle read about HOMESERVE USA and their 24/7/365 home emergency repair cover program.