Supreme comfort: getting a good night's sleep

Supreme comfort: getting a good night's sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is an essential part of living a healthy, happy and productive life. Studies have consistently shown that people who sleep well feel better about themselves, are less stressed and don’t fall ill as frequently, so why sacrifice these benefits for the sake of an old, uncomfortable mattress?

The supreme comfort offered by memory foam mattresses has made them a fundamental element of any modern bedroom and could help you get a good night’s sleep.

Mattress designs

For many years the prevalent mattress design has been the sprung mattress but the metal springs inside this design can lead to uncomfortable lumps and bumps in your bed. In recent years a superior alternative has emerged through the use of foam originally developed in the 1970s by NASA for use in safety equipment.

The beauty of memory foam lies in its simplicity; by removing the hard metal springs in favour of a mass of soft foam the annoying lumps pressing into your back while you try and sleep are eliminated.

Moulded comfort

The supple nature of the foam means that the weight and warmth of your body will mould the mattress. The foam will remember your preferred sleeping position and adapt its shape to maximise relaxation, hence the name memory foam.

Moreover, as you sleep the foam will absorb and subsequently re-emit warmth from your body, giving unrivalled cosiness. The use of memory foam is recommended by doctors and chiropractors as its elasticity allows it to relieve pressure points, improving blood circulation and giving better support to the neck, back, shoulders and legs.

The mattresses come in a variety of levels of pliability from firm foam, ideal for supporting those with back problems during the night, to super soft mattresses with a luxurious feel.

Affordable cost

It is a common misconception that memory foam mattresses are considerably more expensive than other designs. While this may have been true several years ago when they were first coming on to the market, it has now become a myth.

At entry level, memory foam is generally a very similar price to sprung mattresses and naturally most retailers offer a selection of designs over a wide price range.