2 easy ways to save bedroom space

2 easy ways to save bedroom space

Small dwelling space can be a real cause for frustrations but it can also unleash your inner decorating genius. Turning a tiny studio apartment or a one-room loft into a comfortable, fully-equipped home is an engaging project with guarantee satisfaction.

Nowadays, interior designers and furniture manufacturers are well aware that downsizing one’s home is becoming a common reality so they offer a variety of ingenious furnishing solutions.  As decorating tricks I can number a few solutions used by home décor experts: light paint on walls, a minimalist color scheme, furniture with tall legs, hanging ceiling lamps, strategically placed mirrors, all create the sensation of a wider, taller space.

crowded space in your one-room home?crowded space in your one-room home?

As for furniture: floating shelves, folding tables and chairs, dressing rooms or cabinets built in walls are now being very sought after by compact home owners. What occupies the most space, though, in a room, is the sleeping area; however, there are several smart solutions for this problem: multipurpose folding beds or elevated beds (over the working desk or above the dresser) are the answers to gain more space.

A futon is the ideal bedding mattress for a folding bed, considering it is very flexible, resistant and can be stored away. As expected, everyone has a different plan for the bedroom area so there will be more than likely a need for custom-sized mattresses; at present furniture warehouses meet the various needs of home decorators, they could try the futons chatham for smaller size mattresses and bed frames or cheaper styles.

Bunk beds for adults are another space saving solution for a guest room, a trailer style home or a tiny log/beach cabin. Made from solid wood, with safe stairs, this has become a welcomed solution for modern, functional habitats. These are not kids-only furniture anymore, although they have that rediscover-your-inner-child effect. Special sizing, discount prices are as double as important for bunk beds sarnia; in that sense, local furniture warehouses come in handy when furnishing your cozy lovely little home.

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