Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Is bedroom clutter catching up with you? Keeping a small bedroom clean and tidy is far from simple. With limited storage space and a crowded closet, chairs and tables can quickly turn into improvised storage spaces for your clothing.

With a few simple tricks, however, you can turn even the smallest of bedrooms into a clean, organised and comfortable space. Read on to discover the six most effective storage solutions for small, cramped and crowded bedrooms.

1. Store wide, short items under your bed

Beds are wonderful for storing large, cumbersome items out of the way. Keep long, flat items such as picture frames and shoe boxes stored underneath your bed. Some divan beds include their own drawers for simple, convenient under-bed storage.

2. Add a second level to your wardrobe

Store two layers of clothing in your wardrobe by installing an extra clothes rack. An average wardrobe has more than enough space to store two layers of shirts, shorts, or dresses, making a second clothes rack a great way to double up on storage.

3. Install a mirrored wardrobe

Mirrored wardrobes are the ultimate small bedroom accessory. Enjoy more storage space, a lighter and larger-feeling bedroom, and a convenient mirror to get dressed in front of every morning.

4. Mount shelves and hooks on the wall

Freestanding shelving units take up valuable space, making your bedroom feel more cramped than it really is. Avoid wasting floor space by installing shelves on the walls of your room. Hooks attached to your door can also be used to store clothing outside your wardrobe and save additional space.

5. Install a vertical shoe rack

Shoes are an annoyance to store, requiring a large amount of floor space when kept in the bottom of your wardrobe. Instead of wasting floor space by storing shoes on the floor, install a vertical shoe rack and stack your shoes to capitalise on vertical storage space.

6. Keep large items in an external closet

Large boxes and appliances have no place in a bedroom wardrobe. If your bedroom is becoming cramped because of cardboard storage boxes and other large items, it’s worth moving them out to an external closet or storage room.

Choose a storage closet in your hallway – or even a section of your garage – and use it to keep large items and bulky boxes out of small bedrooms. Since most appliances are only rarely used, an inconvenient storage space isn’t such a big issue.