4 Surprising Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair

4 Surprising Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair

A roof needs to be able to withstand all kinds of weather. It also has to be structurally sound to support a home's weight.

As such, it's essential to check your roof for signs of damage and maintenance. Here are a few significant signs that you need a roof repair:

Sagging Roof

When you see a sagging roof, it could be a sign of severe damage. This is a widespread problem, and it is best to repair it as soon as possible before it gets worse.

A sagging roof may indicate the need for a complete replacement of your roofing system. This is an expensive project, and it's always best to call a professional with experienced residential roofing repair skills for sagging roofs.

Sagging roofs can be caused by several things, but the most common cause is poor construction. This can occur when rafters or joints are improperly constructed or installed, and it's essential to address these problems as quickly as possible.

Sagging roofs can be repaired by jacking up rafters and putting in additional struts and supports, but these repairs are often expensive. They are also risky, and a sagging roof can collapse if not repaired properly.

Damaged Shingles

A roof's main job is to keep water out. So, any damage to your roof that could let in the rain is a good sign you need a repair.

One major cause of roof damage is wind. It can rip off shingles and even snag them.

Shingles ripped off by solid weather show you need a roof repair. Depending on the damage, the shingle could need to be replaced entirely or just parts of it.

Another common occurrence is that shingles may sag over time. Typically, this happens when the roofing material has started to fail or if the roof was improperly installed.

Often, the best way to fix a sagging roof is to call a professional contractor to get the work done. They can add simple supports to keep the top from sagging and ensure the job is done correctly. 


A roof is the most essential part of your home and should last long. However, there are some signs you need to watch for to know if your roof is in good condition or requires repair or replacement.

Leaks are a big sign of needing a roof repair because they can cause extensive damage to your house and attic. They can also cause rotting of the wood and mold growth if they are left untreated.

You may notice leaks once they cause significant damage, so it's always best to check for them regularly.

Depending on the source of the leak, small ones can be easily patched or repaired by a roofing contractor, but large ones can be costly and require a complete roof replacement.

If you spot any of these significant signs, it is time to call a roofer. A professional can give you an accurate diagnosis of the problem and suggest a solution that works best for your needs.

Damaged Flashing

Roof flashing is crucial in keeping your home dry and free from leaks. It's installed almost anywhere a roof joins other parts of your structure.

If the flashing is damaged, it can allow water to seep under your shingles, which will cause stains and discoloration on the interior of your home. It can also lead to a leak in the attic.

Damaged flashing can also cause sagging roofs. A sagging roof may cause the entire structure to become unstable, which can be dangerous for your family or guests.

If your sagging roof is caused by damaged flashing, it's essential to repair it immediately to avoid more extensive damage in the future. Professional roofing contractors can assess the situation, recommend repairs, and ensure your roof is safe and secure for you and your family.