Welcome the New Year with a new home design that suits your needs

Welcome the New Year with a new home design that suits your needs

Another year ... another opportunity to decorate! For many homeowners, the turning of the calendar to a fresh year is the perfect opportunity to get everything at home up to scratch and that means approaching DIY projects with a renewed sense of interest.

So, what can you do to welcome in a New Year with a fantastic new home design that really suits your needs? Here are our top suggestions:

Ghosts of Christmas past, present and future

Take a leaf out of Ebenezer Scrooge’s book and learn from your mistakes before it’s too late. If the ghosts of your Christmases past, present and future show an increasing difficulty to get around your home then you need to think of ways to address it.

Moving home is one option – albeit a drastic one – so why not take the DIY approach first?

Having ramps added externally is a great way to ensure inside and outside worlds are easily accessible while a curved stairlift in the home can ensure you’re not cut off from specific areas of your home. You can even get rails to help you elsewhere and modify or change steps within your home to make it easier to get around.

Identify and rectify

Remember that your home should be tailored to you and your needs. To ensure this is the case, you must first identify exactly what it is that you need and then rectify any areas which go against these demands. Remember that no one can tell you how to arrange or run your home – it’s up to you to decide what is best.

Classic charm; new look

Remember that updating your home doesn’t just have to fall into the realms of practicality. There are also plenty of things you can do to lift and improve the style. This is an important consideration as the appearance and feel of your home can affect your own mental health and emotional state. A house that feels worn, tired or neglected will project similar feelings onto the homeowners.

Invest in classic options that will hold their style well over time and remember to invest in quality products which boast a long shelf life as this is the easiest way to prevent your home falling into disrepair. There are even New Year’s resolutions which you can follow for your home so it might be worth giving these a look and seeing what simple rules you can follow to keep your home up to standard.

Remember that your home is more than just four walls so give them so character and style with a quick renovation that will welcome in the New Year. Things you should prioritise when doing this include:

  • Accessibility and manoeuvrability within the home

  • Layout and position of furniture and flexibility of arrangement

  • Overall style and appearance and longevity of chosen design

  • Flexibility of interior decor style and opportunity for customisation/alteration at a later date

  • Practicality of chosen design and ability to correspond with needs of homeowner