Architectural sophisticated birdhouses

Architectural sophisticated birdhouses

Need a house for your feathered friends? I've got just the right one for you. Far from being the average nest boxes, Classic Architectural Birdhouses, designed by award-winning architect Richard T. Banks, look like belonging to a miniature traditional town.

Richard T. Banks, Classic Architectural BirdhousesRichard T. Banks, Classic Architectural Birdhouses

Architectural Editions, a family business located in Pinehurst, NC, offer you different styles of Birdhouses, from classical to colorful whimsical ones. Meticulously crafted, the classical edition restores the architecture that preceded the Victorian Era with its taste for detailed surface richness.

Rustic Birdhouses remind us of beautiful country cottages or log-houses in the woods, where we love to spend the holidays. Italianate Birdhouses have prominent eave brackets, classic detailing and also a type of coloration resembling to the northern Italian region called Tuscany.

Geometrical Birdhouses, in shape of a triangle, square or circle are there to spice up your garden while Whimsical Birdhouses are a proper acquisition for a fancier, humorous style fans. Each edition is build with 3/4" wood (Southern Pine, Poplar or Cedar) and with waterproof and mildew resistant materials. Fitted with removable base for easy maintenance they also include mounting instruction to make it all easy for you to give your birds the dream house.