The Three Stages of DIY Home Renovation

The Three Stages of DIY Home Renovation

Do-it-yourself renovations seem to be increasingly popular every year. The internet provides a plethora of tutorials and ideas, so motivation and guidance aren't hard to find.

However, all this information can be overwhelming. Once the planning is complete, how do you get started? Most DIY projects can be broken down into three simple phases.


There are few experiences that provide the exhilaration and anxiety of the demolition process. Things like ripping up dingy carpet and pulling kitchen cabinets off the walls can be cathartic, but they can also be nerve-wracking, especially for first-timers. After all, knocking down a wall can’t exactly be undone.

One thing to consider in this stage of renovations is the huge mess that is created. Luckily, DIYers can get residential dumpster rentals Cincinnati for all the trash that trash. 


Once the “out with the old” phase is finished, the “in with the new” phase can begin. Painting walls, installing new flooring, and replacing kitchen cabinets are all popular and relatively simple renovation projects. Refreshing a room with a pop of color on the walls? Don’t forget about painter’s tape and drop cloths. Depending on what you’ve decided to change in your house, you may need to buy, borrow, or rent special equipment.

This part of the process is fun, as improvements begin to come together and make a difference to the overall appearance of the space.


Demolition isn’t the only process that can make a mess. You may find paint smudges, sawdust, and just general dirt and grime left over after you’ve finished updating. After a quick cleaning of these little messes, you can stand back and appreciate the work that you’ve done.

Having the confidence to try new things is a great asset, but knowing your limits is important, too. Consider consulting professionals for dangerous projects and repairs that require specialized skills.