Small Gifts That Make a Big Impact

Small Gifts That Make a Big Impact

Giving gifts is a nice way to tell someone you care. Even when you know a person really well, though, it can be hard to pick out just the right gift. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make someone feel loved. Choose one of these small, thoughtful gift ideas to make your favorite person smile.


A bouquet of flowers is a beautiful gesture. Whether you pick them out and deliver them in person or order flower delivery Berkeley, a beautiful arrangement is sure to please. If you know someone's favorite flowers, you can even customize your order. Flowers add a pop of color that remind the recipient of you every time he or she sees them. 


An easy way to show that you pay attention is to give someone a gift that supports a favorite hobby. If, for example, your sister knits, you can get her a collection of yarn in her favorite color or a book of fun patterns to try. Your coffee connoisseur friend will adore a special blend to add to his or her collection. For a small price, you can give them something that you know will bring them a large amount of joy.


So many of the things that make people happy aren't actually things at all. The memory of a shared experience can evoke just as much happiness as the original event. Create a shadow box that archives mementos from a trip you took together. Buy a photo album that tells the story of your relationship. No matter how you capture the memory, this gift is sure to delight.

Some people are easier to shop for than others, but there is a great gift for everyone. By putting some thought into it, you can give a small gift that pleases the recipient far more than a more expensive, impersonal item might.