Ideas to decorate the living room from scratch

Ideas to decorate the living room from scratch

Pay attention to these ideas to decorate the living room and make the most of it.

1. Natural light is essential

Let's start with the distribution. The first question to ask yourself when decorating your home is how it is laid out. If the living room has a dining area, I recommend that you reserve the window area for the living area. So you can take advantage of all the natural light.

Natural light

2. The predominant materials of your living room

As you well know, each decorative style has representative materials that characterize it. Broadly speaking, we can say that the industrial style has cement, brick and iron. The rustic style, on the other hand, is characterized by natural fibres such as wicker or esparto, lime walls or wooden beams in ceilings and walls. Before going crazy to buy things without criteria, stop to think about what is the predominant material in your living room and take advantage of it to choose the style.

industrial style

3. Build depth with mirrors

If we talk about small rooms or those spaces that do not have large windows, the best option you have to counteract this situation are mirrors. It seems incredible, but if you place a large mirror on a wall, you will be able to generate a sensation of great depth.

depth with mirrors

4. The fireplace

Like light, the climate is also very important. In this aspect, you have many options. If you want something that is not very appreciated, you can opt for a heated floor. However, if you like functional decorations, you will love fireplaces and stoves. You can also place some logs to decorate, the result will be a super warm room that will invite everyone who comes in to sit down and have a good time.

5. Bench with velvet cushions in your living room

Sometimes you just want to rest, watch the rainfall or put your mind at rest. the perfect plan is to sit on a bench with velvet cushions under the window. Sounds good right?

6. Your reading corner

For reading lovers, this space will give you life. Inside the living room, you can reserve a small space to read, with a small rug you can create an environment separate from the rest. Place a comfortable sofa or armchair on the carpet where you can spend hours reading.

Living room reading corner

7. Coloured sofas

I like the decoration with neutral colours, but putting a sofa with an intense color that breaks with the style, its a great idea. If I had to decide on three colors for the sofa in my house, they would be bottle green, mustard yellow and living coral. Which do you like more?

8. Plants

A room without plants has no life. I know it may sound very blunt, but the feeling of joy and vitality offered by various plants in the living room is incredible.

Living room Plants

9. Cushions and blankets to give warmth

If you are one of those people who like a good blanket and soft sofas that invite you to sit and lie down to watch movies, you will love placing thousands of cushions with different textures. Also, add shearling and wool blankets to add even more warmth to the living room.