Benefits of Installing a Retaining Wall on Your Property

Benefits of Installing a Retaining Wall on Your Property

Retaining walls are hardscape structures with the purpose of withstanding pressure exerted by soil or materials behind them. Usually, retaining walls are installed to keep soil sloping downward from eroding.

While you may see retaining walls on roads, they are also found in garden and landscaping designs when you have different levels of soil and other materials. The primary purpose of retaining walls Manorville NY is to sustain pressure and stabilize the filled materials. While this is true, they offer other benefits, too. Keep reading to learn what these benefits are.

Prevent Damage to Nearby Structures

If your home or structure is located on a lower surface than the land around it, the soil on an elevated area may collapse or slide down to the building. It may result in structural issues or damage to the home. With a retaining wall, it’s possible to prevent this from happening and protect the existing building or structure.

Resist the Gravity Load

If your property is in an area where the lateral pressure of the slope is exerting excessive force on another area, you may think about installing a retaining wall. It can balance and work against gravity to help prevent landslides and erosion.

Prevent Erosion

A retaining wall can avert soil erosion, which is a top benefit of installing them. If there is a sloped area on your property, you may be dealing with runoff issues. With a retaining wall, you can reduce cases of erosion. Also, if a retaining wall is close to a slope or border, you have leveled surfaces on an inclined plane. With this, the soil won’t erode because of the downward incline.

As you can see, retaining walls offer several benefits. If you want to prevent erosion and other issues, it’s a good idea to consider installing this hardscape structure.