3 Major Issues a Home Inspection Could Uncover

3 Major Issues a Home Inspection Could Uncover

The results of a home inspection can vary widely, depending upon the house itself. One home may easily pass an inspection with only minor issues identified while another house needs serious repairs that could cause a buyer to rethink the purchase. Read the information below on three home inspection finds that could be deal-breakers.

1. Foundations Issues

Faulty home foundations can cause major edens structural Tulsa damage to the home and can be very costly to fix. Sloping floors, horizontal cracks and sticking doors can all be indicative of a problem with the foundation of a home. The seller of a house may want to address these issues before putting it up for sale to avoid a lengthy repair that a buyer may not want to wait for.

2. Problem Plumbing

Clogged sewage systems, leaky hot water heaters and faulty pipes can quickly turn a home inspection from good to bad. These problems can be very expensive and some buyers will not want to deal with them. If you know of any existing plumbing problems in a home you plan to sell, it could be wise to repair them before listing the house.

3. Pest Infiltration

Nothing freaks potential homebuyers out more than termites and other pest infestations. Termites can create serious damage, so buyers are right to run in the other direction. Home inspectors check for signs of termites and other pests in a home. Vacant homes especially invite rodents and other unwanted guests, so extermination may be needed before the house is re-inhabited.

Home inspections can end up going in many directions. If you are going through one, you should be prepared for at least a few minor issues to be noted. When there are major red flags like the ones discussed above, speak with your realtor about how to proceed.