3 Benefits of Pool Enclosures

3 Benefits of Pool Enclosures

People who live in warm, sunny clients might find it odd to have a pool enclosure. After all, part of the purpose of having a pool is to enjoy the heat and sun while you’re splashing around in the water. However, whether you live in a balmy climate or one with a cold, rainy season, there are three incredible benefits of having a pool enclosure.


Having a pool is very enjoyable – until you have to clean it. Whether it’s sand, leaves, or other debris, an open pool is susceptible to whatever might be floating around in the air. Even the rain can impact the chemical levels of the pool.

All of these external factors lead to the need for more cleaning and more money spent on chemicals. With Florida pool enclosures, though, you limit your pool’s exposure to these elements, keeping it much cleaner.


Pool enclosures do more than keep out dirt and debris. They also help keep people and pets out of your pool who shouldn’t be there. This, of course, includes young children that should not be swimming alone. However, it also includes outsiders, as trespassers are less likely to enter a pool that is enclosed.

Year-Round Use

Another great benefit of pool enclosures is that there isn’t an off-season for swimming. With a pool enclosure, the temperature of your water doesn’t change drastically due to the weather. And if you choose, you can heat your enclosed pool to turn your water into more of a hot tub. In either case, a pool enclosure means that you can swim year-round, regardless of cold or rainy weather.

If you own a pool, an enclosure can help you protect your investment and enjoy it even more. It’s also important to know that not all enclosures are permanent, meaning you can open your pool back up fully during the hottest months if you prefer.