Five colors that give light to your home

Five colors that give light to your home

An easy way to change the room "vibes" is to renew some of the accessories. Colors inspired by the beauty of nature bring harmony to the home. The language of color undergoes its own transformation during spring, as you can see in the rebirth of a landscape that surprises with its chromatic nuances. In addition to taking advantage of the natural lighting that enters through the windows, the use of color allows more light to the interior.

1. The white color.

White is one of the universal shades in fashion, art, or decoration. White is synonymous with harmony in creating combinations with other elements. And, if you are looking for an alternative to this color, beige is a timeless choice. White combines with many other shades but it can also be the common thread that illuminates a place thanks to the application of the total white trend. The use of white is especially frequent to highlight the wall.

white blue bedroom

2. The blue color

Blue is one of the tones that combine perfectly with white. Its presence in nature, transferred to home decoration, feeds a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

3. Earth colors

Earth colors are not only synonymous with autumn but also light the house in spring.

4. Pink

Pink is a charming example of how to add light to the house. How to add pink in the decoration of the living room? Using the language of flowers to integrate this natural essence in this common room.

flowers bedroom

5. Yellow

Yellow evokes joy. The moments of joy expand the heart with the beauty of existence. And this joy is also enhanced in the decoration through those tones that transmit this positive energy. This shade also finds its symbol in nature in the image of the sun.

What are your favorite colors to enhance the lighting in your home?