green trend

Welcome to Paris 2050 - super green capital

What if the Montparnasse Tower and the railways abandoned their grayish mine buildings in favor of algae, woven bamboo and vegetable gardens. And if pollution disappeared to make way for wind turbines and solar panels?

Sleep well: 2014 top trends in mattresses

An Irish saying is this: “a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything”. While there is no common solution for amusement, a quality sleep is assured by a comfy bed.  In order to prevent the health risks of getting poor...

Foliage Eco-friendly Clock Concept

Decorating your house with eco-friendly products is the latest trend on the furniture market. Foliage Clock Concept is perfect illustration of the green trend. Its designed by Letao Tao. Foliage Clock is made up of aspen wood...