The right granite countertop for your kitchen

The right granite countertop for your kitchen

If you aren't a visual person, it can be difficult to imagine just what a space will look like when you have finished renovations. Sure, you can hire someone to help you make a mock-up of your kitchen or bathroom, but that can be a big expense that doesn't really work for most people. Instead, an interior designer can paint you a picture with words that lays out exactly what the finished room will look like.

Your dream bathroom might vary from that of someone else, but almost everyone wants beautiful countertops. The right countertop can set your bathroom apart from the rest of your home. Even if you aren't sure exactly the style you're going for, one thing is clear: you don't want that awful white formica that seems so standard in many areas. Any form of stone is better than that.

For many people, granite countertops are the ultimate goal. Granite countertops are heavy, expensive, and absolutely worth the cost when you consider how they look when integrated into a room. Whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, granite is a great counterpoint to natural wood grains and warm, earthy colors.

If you want to know what it might look like in your home, use a gallery of home photos. Scroll through the pictures until you find one that has a similar look and feel to your home, and try to use that image to imagine what your own home would look like when you put in granite countertops.

Once you've found one you like and chosen a color of stone to match the rest of your home, start looking for a vendor. If you can find a vendor that will install the countertop for you, even better. There are many vendors of granite countertops Portland, so find the one that is nearest you and fits your budget. Make it the last step of the renovation and you'll have the bathroom of your dreams in no time at all.