What Is Your Interior Design Aesthetic?

What Is Your Interior Design Aesthetic?

Your home is not just where you eat, sleep and play. It is also an opportunity to express yourself and your lifestyle through your decor and design choices. Sometimes it can feel intimidating to consider designing even just one room, much less an entire house. If you aren't sure how to get started, you can begin by discovering your home decor style and getting some decoration inspiration.

Make a Mood Board

Pay attention to other homes you like, whether on the internet, in magazines, or even in real life. By looking at the websites of companies that offer remodeling services Calabasas CA folks can find local examples as well. You can collect images on an old-school bulletin board, or you can use the internet and take it to Pinterest for a fast and easy way to gather ideas. Pay attention to the overall look and feel of your board to get a better idea of what kind of style speaks to you. Do you see a lot of white? Copious amounts of leather? A plethora of plants? This can help narrow down what you like.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Perfection only comes after practice. A great way to get started is to pick a tiny area like a single bookshelf or buffet table and put together a small vignette. This can take only a little bit of time and no money at all. It can help you focus and avoid the overwhelm of decorating a larger space. Once you like the look of your smaller design, you can start spreading it out until the whole room feels finished. Taking it one small bite at a time like this can help beginners and pros alike develop a consistent style in the home.

To truly enjoy your time spent at home, you want to feel comfortable and safe. You also probably want your home to feel personal to you. Thinking about your tastes and honing your style can be a great way to make home feel just like that: home.