Twin Lofts by Federico Delrosso : conceptual and ironic symmetry to the design of two post-industrial lofts

Twin Lofts by Federico Delrosso : conceptual and ironic symmetry to the design of two post-industrial lofts

A single-celled organism divided into two structurally identical and internally similar volumes but opposite in the same time. This is the project (or “projects " ? ) of our designer Federico. It is the renovation and interior loft for two twins, signed by Frederick Delrosso postindustrial in Milan in 2013.

The work was carried out in fact to a former factory in south- Milan, once known as the industrial suburbs and residential district today.

“It is a complex project, which can have different interpretations. The most obvious result is the creation of two loft twins, who have the same design of the interior spaces, because they were born from the longitudinal division of a single long sleeve. But, from the personal data of the inhabitants (a is the loft studio- house of the same Delrosso , the loft B is the private home of Alessandro Sartori * , Z Zegna creative director of the line ), he developed a project that was developed in an individual way with architectural and furniture details... the experience of the house , in short, was completed by using materials and colors such as letters of an alphabet : to write sentences like, interlocutory, or opposite , but with a grammar always consistent ".

"The ground floor of the two lofts, for example, is home to the mirrored hall, the kitchen, an opening on a small private garden, a long table with “high " chairs , a bathroom and 2 pairs of stairs along with home stairlift leading to the higher floors. Federico is one of the first designers that thinks for disability individuals since the beginning of the design – most of the designers do think about disability freeways after drafting a structure. With the same elements the designer created different environments spirit s. During the first , in fact , the staircase is the focal point , thanks to its volume ( incorporating the bathroom) , the raw material (iron pickled ) with visible welding, the emptying of the risers of the steps, so that it changes the point of view while going up the stair and taking it lightens the texture of an origami. During the second loft instead he dematerialised the staircase by using crystal for the treads and transforming the supporting structure into a simple white line in steps (painted iron) which extends upwards. The bathroom here is a stand-alone volume, a bit mysterious, dark inside but with a surprise opening up.

The tables then have diametrically opposed styles: linear and clean the first, the second a contemporary baroque. Even the art gave him a hand in the construction of the mirror images of the ground floor. The wall next to the front door (the border) hosts, in both rooms, has a painting by the same author (John Manfredini ). Shoulder to shoulder, in fact, he placed two strong images in black and white, and one is almost the negative of the other. Regarding the colors used for the surfaces: white lacquered wood Integral satin of the containers and the worktop in Corian, in the first; kitchen floor in polished steel and white lacquer and wenge for the containers of the second.

The symmetries and diversity chase each other than to the upper floors. On the first floor ( living area for both) he realised a portion of the base glass, to offer a glimpse of the kitchens below, but in the second loft this detail is enhanced because it resumes at the shower in the bathroom on the ground floor and also in the scale which becomes even more transparent and visually light. In the first protagonists is instead the furniture: upholstered with strong lines and square, the Barcelona chair by Van Der Rohe and the big Starck mirror.

On the second floor he tried to reverse not only the size but also the perception of space. In fact, he first stopped the orthogonality rigorous environments by introducing a circular bed and replacing the doors of the closet with a whole wall made ​​of soft white curtains. Across the border, the area of the second bed loft houses a large white round bathtub, some elements from the fashion world, such as silver and fuchsia chair, and a highly distinctive wardrobe. The last level of the attic, in the first case is a total white space for the guest room; the second is a wellness area with a small private gym ".