6 tips for adding bright colours to your house

6 tips for adding bright colours to your house

The force of the bright colours enhances the effect of a cheerful decoration that transmits this state of mind through the tones of the place.

1. Vivid colours in rooms with white walls

Maybe at some point, you get tired of seeing the same tone every day that, at first, you loved. If you add this type of composition in the bedroom to create this contrast through the textiles, you'll be cheerfully every day.


2. Vivid colours combined with wooden furniture

One of the decoration trends that we can observe today is one that prioritizes light-coloured wooden furniture. However, the sobriety of the dark furniture forms a perfect balance with an environment in which bright colours rejuvenate the look of the environment. The classic design of a bedroom with basic furniture such as a dresser is renewed with this decorative touch.

living room

3. Paintings

Art is an invitation to dream. This expression of creativity brings new nuances to the decoration of the walls. The bright colours in paintings focus your attention. the paintings can also be placed very stylishly on furniture.


4. Paint a wall in bright colours

wall in bright colours

5. Vivid colours from nature

Identify which are the colours that you like the most and decorate your home with it.

6. Brightly coloured furniture

Bright colours can personalize accessories, walls, art, textiles, sofas. In this fact, giving a new colour to an old piece of furniture is a way to rejuvenate that piece. Another possible proposal is to choose a carpet with a beautiful colour that perfectly frames the living area.

Brightly coloured furniture

Colours not only decorate but also convey emotions. And these examples invite to enhance optimism.