Top Signs There Might Be Something Wrong with Your Well Pump

Top Signs There Might Be Something Wrong with Your Well Pump

The well pump is an essential part of your home's water well system. When it's working properly, it can help provide you and your family with the water that comes from your water well. When it's not working properly, though, you and your family could find yourself facing a variety of different issues, including potentially not having access to water.

Knowing what to look for to see if there is anything wrong with your water well will help you be proactive in maintaining a functioning water well system. These are some of the top signs you can look for to determine if your water well might need to be repaired.

It Runs Constantly

When your family is using a lot of water, then it's natural for your well pump to run a lot. After all, if it doesn't keep running, then it's not going to be able to keep up with the demand for water in your household. If it runs constantly even when your family isn't using a lot of water, though, it might be time for professional pump repair Tampa FL.

You Have Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be a big annoyance. After all, no one wants to jump in the shower in the morning only to find that there is barely any water coming out of the shower head. Low water pressure in the house can be caused by different things, including leaks. Water well pump problems can also cause low water pressure.

Your Water Source Isn't Providing Water

If you aren't getting any water when you turn on your faucets and spouts, then it could be because of a problem with your well. The well could be too shallow, for example, or you might need to have your well pump checked out.

Knowing the signs of a faulty water well pump can help you know when to call for help. Then, when you notice these signs, you can call a pro to come and take a look at your well pump and to get it back in action.