Time for special pillows!

Time for special pillows!

Lost City has an interesting approach on pillow fabric design. Whether it is inspired by crime scenes (yes, creepy!) or medieval drawings, every pillow is unique, and worthy to be in your comfy house.

Forensic pillows are inspired by macabre scenes, but not in the way you probably think. Finger prints, a subtle hair strand, blood spatter patterns, they all feed designers' inspiration, are reconsidered, and the final result is as artistic it can be.

Forensic PillowForensic Pillow

Poetry pillows, with hand embroidery on canvas, surprise us with beautiful poems written by Rachel Bluwstein and Khwaja Mir Dard and also with poems conceived at Lost City.

Poetry pillowPoetry pillow

Roses pillows, hand-embroidered on silk, are an homage to Pierre-Joseph Redouté paintings. Belgian painter devoted his life to plant illustration and his series of rose paintings can now be admired on Lost City designs.

Roses pillowRoses pillow

Mirror pillows are inspired by the ancient beliefs and traditions. Mirrors were used, in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent, in order to avert the evil eye, and were also associated with vitality, magical protection, beauty, mystical beliefs.

Mirror pillowsMirror pillowPolka Dots pillows, with elaborate embroidery in gold, silver, red, black, white, on canvas and silk, have a special design based on the "Roghan" ornamentation style.

Polka pillowPolka pillow

Medieval pillows are the most complex. Fictional and symbolic beasts and animals are hand-embroidered on canvas and silk, using gold wire, and black and white silk yarn.

Medieval pillowMedieval pillow

Last but not least, Phulkari pillows are based on a community craft  in Punjab, India. The motifs have religious and magical significance, and, in what concerns the technique, Lost City took the intricate diamond motif and hand-embroidered it on muslin, with variations of metallic wire and silk yarn.

Phulkari pillowPhulkari pillow

Simply fascinating.