Moshi clock - voice activating and talking alarm clock

Moshi clock - voice activating and talking alarm clock

The excess of alarm clock options offered to us today makes us wonder how far are people ready to go to just press the snooze button one more time.

Moshi clock voice activating allow you to set the clock time and alarm. When it hears you say, "Hello Moshi," the device will respond with, "Command please." After this you can use any of its 12 built-in, voice-activated orders to make clear which tasks you would like it to carry out.

Moshi talking alarm

The World Blind Union officially endorses the Moshi IVR Alarm Clock, for its simplicity of use through verbal commands significantly benefits the blind society.

The Moshi further assists by telling you the temperature of the room, the current date, or even to change its lighting for nighttime, all when asked by you. The Moshi talking alarm clock costs $50, which is a good deal bearing in mind it allows you to set or turn off the alarm clock without having to move your hands or even open your eyes.