Let's talk about Gridy

Let's talk about Gridy

GRIDY is a design firm established in 2009 and based in Oslo, Norway. Its owners, two young designers, Lars Olav Dybdal and Wilhelm Grieg Teisner, have a solid background in this domain, from Bergen Academy of Arts and the Danish Design School. Their main interest? Product for home/office decor and spatial design.

Browsing through their work, we found futuristic, original items that will suite so well in your homes! Evil eye is a floor lamp, fun and different from any other lamp you've seen. This lamp plays the connection between the shade and the bulb. Rather than hiding the light source inside, the bulb brakes through the surface of the shade.

Gridy norvegian woodGridy norvegian wood

Corner coffee table, with v-shaped legs gives the table an illusion of cut corners. Norwegian Wood is a cabinet where the doors are covered with cut wood ends, a great  storage solution for people who desire a natural touch in their houses.

Ito (names are more than suggestive) is a lounge chair with a dynamic form, both artistic and functional. Mike is a steel chair with simple lines and great for kitchen and halls, Rocky Balboa is an eye catcher lounge chair from wool fabric and recycled foam that will look good in your living room, while Spiff gives you the opportunity to adjust the direction of the light.

The nicest is Snoopy, a combination of a storage place and a house for your little animal lovable friend. The rest of these norwegian designs await you to discover them on gridy.no .