How To Prevent Restaurant Fires

How To Prevent Restaurant Fires

Restaurant fires are an owner’s worst nightmare. They can cause extensive damage, injuries to customers or staff and may force owners to temporarily shut their restaurant down. Long-term renovations due to a fire can even cost employees their jobs. The good news is that many of these fires are preventable. Here are some ways you can step up to protect your restaurant.

Have Your Kitchen Pressure Washed

Despite the daily scrubbing that your kitchen likely gets, grease can accumulate under vent  hoods, in ductwork and behind equipment. Ensuring that your kitchen is pressure washed often—especially if your restaurant is on the larger side—prevents too much oil from building up and makes it much less likely that it will catch fire. For more information on what areas of your kitchen collect a buildup of grease, go to

Invest In a Fire Suppression System

These systems can sense and automatically suppress fires, even if they spark in the middle of the night. In order to allow them to continue working properly, however, you’ll need to give them proper upkeep. It’s an extra cost, but it could save you thousands—you certainly wouldn’t want to invest in the system only to have it be broken when you need it.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Gas leaks and electrical issues are also huge causes of fires. Gas leaks can appear when poorly maintained or old equipment has a hard time handling the gas flowing through the pipes. You should also be aware of how much voltage your kitchen can handle; the cost of updating wiring to accommodate newer equipment is worth the safety. Regular inspections and maintenance of these systems will pay for itself in the functionality and safety of your kitchen.

While fires will always be a concern for restaurants, you can dramatically lower the risks with thorough cleanings, proper maintenance and safety precautions. A clean and updated kitchen will allow you and your employees to focus on making delicious food for years to come.