Chromatic tendencies from Emma Gardner

Chromatic tendencies from Emma Gardner

Being a couch potato has its physical and psychical repercussions, especially if you neglect the environment part. Most people define home accessories as frivolous things, and that they can deprive from this unnecessary need.

But I insist on telling you that, there is a world dedicated to these kind o things, especially to making environments feel more like genuine indoor happiness spots. Eco friendly environments are not enough for household designers these days.

Sensuede pillows

Everything you choose to decorate your home, from rugs, lamps, pillow or cushions, have to be modern enough to comply with style necessities. In a designers shop you will find everything you need in mater of modern home accessories, especially now when Emma Gardner extended her line this year, with a luxurious collection of Sensuede pillows.

Available in an endless variety of sizes, color and textures, these 16 by 16 inch cushions can transform the average couch into an everyday lounging "frenzy". These eco minded accessory options are made from organic cotton, toxin free dyed and even better, they are machine washable. For 195$ a piece, you can boost up the chromatic combinations from your lounging environment.