Find Zen in Your Backyard: 3 Must-Do Projects

Find Zen in Your Backyard: 3 Must-Do Projects

The interior of the home isn't the only place to find satisfaction. Extend your living to the backyard for more space and relaxation. Medical studies indicate that the sun's rays and fresh air impact mood and health, reducing anxiety and improving cheerfulness. Spending a bit of time in the back could be just what is needed to relieve the day's stress and give yourself a little pick-me-up. Here are three ways to turn your lackluster yard into a peaceful zone

1. Add a Pool

Step away from the grind by laying outside on a pool float or in a chair. Listen to the breeze and enjoy the beauty of the water. Getting into a calming environment and taking some time for yourself is one way to forget about the day's troubles. If you're agitated, work out that frustration by diving in, swimming laps for about 30 minutes. The cardio workout might relieve those pent-up feelings.

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2. Improve Your Outdoor Seating

Splurge on comfortable furniture. Grab a glass of water, and soak in the fresh air and decompress from family or work. A lovely sofa or lounge chair gives you a place to absorb extra vitamin D, useful in the body's defense. Need some movement? Put up a hammock. Have a friend over for a visit, or enjoy a good book.

3. Create a Tranquil Garden

Become one with nature, and build a garden in the backyard. Whether it's flowers or vegetables, getting into the earth and tending something distracts the mind. Increased sunlight aids in serotonin release, which could provide a mood boost. Get lost in the roses, or take pride in home-grown tomatoes.

Make your backyard your new spa. With the right changes, it could become your go-to relaxing spot.