Beautifully decorated small terrace for relaxation and barbecue

Beautifully decorated small terrace for relaxation and barbecue

When you have an outdoor space such as a balcony or terrace, it's a shame not to decorate it nicely to enjoy it. And the decoration can be done with pieces and products with a natural look to outline a relaxing environment, according to any style of interior design. To see what it is about, I invite you to see a terrace with an area of ​​about 15 square meters, where the finishes have not changed, but have been preserved, but where through small decorative tricks the previous environment has been completely transformed, and the final image is very successful. But let's find out the ideas applied here.

Before the redecoration, the terrace had an incomplete and disordered air because no functional areas were clearly outlined, and the plants seemed abandoned. The finishes have been preserved but other things were added, all well-chosen for a unitary image.

The first thing in planning to redecorate your space is choosing a theme. Based on this theme, the following are established: the functional areas according to the activities you want in that space, only then the colours, textures and prints. Here a natural theme was chosen for the terrace on which it was desired to have the following functions: dining area with barbecue, reading place (suspended armchair), seating sofa and a mini urban garden space with storage area. The chosen planters are some with a concrete look, with geometric shapes, simple, but nuanced in contrast with the wood textures (you can find similar models at Leroy Merlin).

dining area with barbecue

According to the natural theme, the most present textures are made of braids. Thus, bamboo blinds were used. The braids mask the railing made of silk and glass, but it matches the other railing made of wooden slats. At the junction of them, the environment was completed with a tall plant, which connects the functions. For contrast with the woven textures, were chosen pieces of furniture with iron structure painted in black and decorations in black and white. The table has been kept, but the chairs are new.

Even if you dream of a built-in barbecue, there are comfortable alternatives in all DIY stores, such as a small grill. It is important to have everything at hand and well organized.

relaxation and barbecue

You can also use bamboo blinds to create shaded areas. It is true that in rainy weather it will be harder to use, so it is advisable that everything for the terrace is chosen from the range of outdoor furniture. A suspended armchair is fixed for reading and relaxing and you can position it next to an outdoor sofa to supplement the seating in the conversation area.

For extra comfort, in addition to furniture, many decorations such as outdoor carpets, pillows, blankets, pot masks are very important. However, for a terrace, it is better to have more small pieces of furniture that you can group together. The concrete-looking tables are from, pillows and blankets from Zara and H&M.