When Should You Replace Your Cabinets?

When Should You Replace Your Cabinets?

The kitchen and bathroom cabinets in your home are not only functional but provide a certain look for the space. They are often expensive to replace, and it is not the first thing many homeowners want to replace. However, there are some signs to which you should pay attention when it comes to deciding if it is time to replace them. If you are interested in talking to someone about replacing your cabinets, reach out to Denver Cabinet Manufacturers.

When Cabinets Have Water Damage

If your cabinets do not close properly, have dark spots, or appear swollen, they most likely have water damage. Most cabinets are made from wood, meaning that water damage is highly likely. Your cabinets come into contact with steam, water, and other liquids that can damage cabinets. Water damage can occur in your kitchen when there is a leak. There are some other signs to which you should pay attention that show signs of water damage to your cabinets. These include the wood that has warped with the external laminate peeling. You may see bubbling on the outside or inside of your cabinets. You may even see black or mold on the cabinets. If your wood begins to change colors, this may also be a sign of water damage. 

If you touch your cabinets and you notice that they are soft or feel wet, this could mean that there is mold growing on your cabinets. If your cabinets have sustained excessive water damage, they can begin to fall apart. The original cabinets in your home may be made from a cheap material like particle board or other material. These cabinets need replacement because refinishing will not solve the problem. When the cabinets are made from cheap material, their frames may rot, which means they will begin to fall apart. In addition, these cabinets may begin to smell. They may have a musty or foul smell. When you notice these symptoms in your house, it may be time to replace your cabinets. 

When Cabinets are Not Functioning Properly

You may find that your cabinets are not functioning the way you want them to. If you have a difficult time accessing the items in the back of your cabinet or the drawers get stuck when you open or close them, you may need to replace them. Also, if your cabinets doors slam into each other when you open them, they are not functioning the way they should, and it may be time to replace them.