When modern design meets artisan craft

When modern design meets artisan craft

Many top designers join the artisan revival movement, drawing inspiration from traditional materials and techniques that, in fusion with contemporary aesthetic, result in unique and stylish products.

Taiwanese-American designer Jeff Dah-Yue (Dayu) Shi of Dragonfly Gallery is one of these designers, paying homage to the traditional Chinese wood craft and tea culture with his latest bamboo installation presented at Beijing Design Week (september 26th – october 3rd. 2013), the Slowwork, Teastyle Salon.

Slowwork, Teastyle bamboo collection by Jeff Dah-Yue ShiSlowwork, Teastyle bamboo collection by Jeff Dah-Yue Shi

Deriving inspiration from the bamboo plaiting techniques utilized by tea pickers in Jiangxi Province together with the technical consult of Taiwanese craftsmen Jeff Shi designed a beautiful and intricate tea-drinking furniture setting comprised of a six-place tea table, two stool seats, a tea cabinet, a bookshelf and a folding screen all carefully constructed from bamboo slates. The installation was completed with the multi-awarded chair “Gang-Rou”, of Ming style inspiration, and accompanied by the pottery set of designer Han Jian.

Jeff Dayu Shi graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (New York) in 1989 and worked as designer for Harry Winston Jewellery Company. In 1996 he won De Beers Diamonds International Design Competition and he returned to Taiwan where he launched his own design label and concept store Dragonfly Gallery (Taipei).



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