What should the small balcony be used for?

What should the small balcony be used for?

Terraces or gardens can be divided into areas that their users use for different purposes. For example for eating, growing vegetables or sunbathing. Owners of a small balcony do not have these options. Therefore, it is best to think about what is important to you before designing the balcony.

Optics or benefits?
The decoration with flowers and green plants is a popular means of turning the small balcony into a place to relax. Lovers of freshly harvested fruit and vegetables focus their use of the balcony on growing tomatoes, lettuce and strawberries, for example. 

Breakfast or sunbathing?
Eating comfortably on your own balcony is pleasant in warm temperatures. However, there is usually no more space for a sun lounger next to the table and chairs. Therefore, balcony owners should consider whether they prefer to enjoy a meal or sunbathing.

Rustic design or puristic design?
In a confined space, it is all the more important to implement a consistent style. In this way, the elements on the balcony create a harmonious picture. All designs that are familiar from interior design are suitable: for example, puristic design, rustic design, oriental design or maritime design.

Four tips for small balcony design

Designing a small balcony requires a lot of tact. After all, there is little space for usable space, plants and decorations. This is how the available space is used optimally:

1st tip: Small furniture looks airier

Solid garden furniture is unsuitable for balcony design. Dainty elements that do not take up much space are better. These include stools, small tables or deck chairs, which are collapsible beach chairs.

Small furniture

2nd tip: The balcony is not a storage room

It is tempting to store things on the balcony that are disturbing in the apartment. For example, beverage crates, empty returnable bottles or sports shoes. But they take up space and convey the charm of a storage room.

balcony chairs set

3rd tip: Arrange plants vertically

Plant lovers quickly reach their limits when designing their small balcony. What to do with all the plants? Here it is advisable to work in shifts. This means that there is not only space for plants on the balcony railing and on the floor. In addition, shelves, hooks or other hanging devices can be used to create space to display or hang up plants. In addition, there are now various designs for the vertical arrangement of plants to buy.

balcony plants vertically

4th tip: Create a green view

Some balconies, for example, French ones, are so small that there is no room for any furniture. With these balconies, it is advisable to create a green view that the residents can enjoy from the adjacent interior. To do this, it is important to arrange plants outside directly in front of the balcony door. Here, too, the plants can be applied in layers.