The most stylish acoustic refuge: Sonic Chair

The most stylish acoustic refuge: Sonic Chair

Even in my most daring dream I couldn’t have imagine a giant ear muff you could sit in and listen to loud music without anyone bugging you. Well, maybe that’s why there are awarded designers. Holger Fritzlar and the designatics (Frank Hussong, Michael Kientzler and Daniela Reuter) must have thought at me when building the sonic chair (just kidding).

The Sonic Chair allows you to sit at the very centre of a sound system adapted to your ears. The sound insulation creates an acoustic island: what you choose to listen to is hardly perceptible beyond the chair and background noises will not disturb your listen to music/audio book, either. The outside upholstery is made of top-grade leather in four basic colors: orange, green, pink and beige.

Sonic Chair – orangeSonic Chair – orange

Sonic Chair - beigeSonic Chair - beige

Additional features attached on a stainless steel arm include a round sandblasted glass sidetable or a high-quality acrylic laptop sidetable with rounded edges, integrated computer / monitor iMac 20" touch screen, iPod docking station charger and an iPod jack or integrated monitor 15" touch display for connection to an external computer. Neat, huh? Starting price 5 850 Euros plus VAT,