Curvatura table

Curvatura table

This elegant piece of furniture, called Curvatura, was inspired by people who love their house plants as their own pets, providing them with care and attention. Designer Daniella Peña hand-crafted this table from maple wood giving it a simple and very graceful shape.

Curvatura tableCurvatura table

The minimalist design that mixes curved and angular lines puts the whole attention on the plant it houses. The ingenious cutwork gives the plant room to grow and receive light and allows the viewer to see it from multiple angles.

It might not be wise to use it as a coffee table, as you might ruin the beautiful wood, but an art book would find its place there. Curvatura table measures approx. 20" x 40" x 19" and it is available at for $485.00.

Curvatura table by Daniella PeñaCurvatura table by Daniella Peña

Daniella Peña, born in Paraguay, now a US resident, is a freelance designer creating unique hand-made furniture and jewelry. You can buy her wonderful designs from the Etsy shop called Elemento and see more of them at the designer's official website,