6 ideas to create a minimalist atmosphere in the bathroom

6 ideas to create a minimalist atmosphere in the bathroom

The bathroom is a place where we have to combine several needs such as hygiene, functionality and visual appeal. Today we propose these practical ideas so that your bathroom becomes a minimalist refuge in which each member of the family can feel comfortable.

The idea is to really have an environment that leads us to be more focused on the essential and not lean on superficialities that are not useful and only generate hindrance.

Keep the bathroom clean

It would seem something very normal, but the hygiene of our bathroom is the first step to achieve a minimalist environment. Avoiding a multitude of elements that only become dust and bacteria collectors is the most important step in the creation of our environment.


Reduce the number of products

Will it really be necessary to have five bottles of shampoo that we do not use? The answer is clearly, no. The best thing in these cases is to focus on having what we are really using and avoid storing everything else that only hinders and generates a source of dirt.

bathroom products

Use light color schemes

If the white is usually very common in bathrooms and we recognize that it is part of the basic elements of a minimalist environment, it does not necessarily have to be all the same color. Playing with cream, blue or light green tones can generate the same feeling without having to fall into a "hospital" environment.

bathroom colors

Use large mirrors

Large mirrors give the impression of greater space. They are also perfect for light to flow better, whether natural or artificial. They may be harder to clean but you will gain in comfort and in the overall appearance of your bathroom. If you have a window do not hesitate to place a mirror in front of it so that the light bounces.

bathroom mirrors

Improve spaces

The first investment for a minimalist bathroom is that of furniture. The easier the storage, the better the result will be.

bathroom containers

Use jars and clear containers

Another simple but very effective element for a bathroom are undoubtedly the transparent jars and containers. For greater effect, use preferably those of glass. The effect of transparency potentiates the flow of light and breaks down visual barriers.

bathroom plants

Plants with green leaves

The issue of plants in bathrooms can be complicated because if you do not put the most appropriate plants according to the configuration of your space the result will be horrible. Plants like philodendrons or bamboo will allow you to create an optimal effect without much risk of getting out of the minimalist style.